Save the wild, one bottle at a time.

The Mission

Our mission is to not only do what we can to help support vital conservation efforts working to save endangered species, but also to fight the deadly effect that plastics have on the environment by raising awareness about, and providing an alternative to, single-use plastic products. One bottle at a time.

We donate 20% of profits from every bottle sold to conservation efforts and work closely with charitable conservation group, BuffaloMonkey.
The Why

Our planet is losing wild animals rapidly.  More than half the planet's wild animals have been lost over the last 40 years, a statistic predicted to increase to two-thirds by 2020.

We couldn't imagine a world without such incredible beasts as elephants, rhinos, or tigers, roaming the planet. Alongside threats such as poaching and habitat destruction affecting land animals, marine life is also being severely threatened by plastic pollution.

The ocean is predicted to hold more plastic than fish by 2050, and marine litter is known to harm more than 600 species, amid what some regard as the beginning of the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth.  Plastic bottles play a major role in this pollution.  Studies estimate that 1 million are purchased every minute across the world, with over 90% of these bottles not recycled. 

The Who
A minimum 20% net proceeds from our Elephant bottles are donated to the  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, including its orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program. With as little as $50 a year, you can adopt an orphan in their care and help support a team of trained carers who represent an orphaned elephant’s lost
family and are on hand until it’s able to rejoin wild herds.
Proceeds from our Bear bottles are donated to the Gobi Bear Project.  You're very unlikely to have ever seen one because, with less than 50 remaining, they're the world's rarest bear. The Gobi Bear Project is on a mission to save them, and since 2005 they have been engaged in a range of activities to promote the survival of this incredibly unique species.
Thanks for sticking with us this far, and we hope we may have encouraged you in some way, to think about the plight of the wild.
In partnership with BuffaloMonkey